About Rose Howey

Rose Howey Cooperative concerns itself with radical urban
sustainability.  We are coming into existence to ask questions and
find answers as to how political, cultural, and earth activists can
sustain their work through all phases of their lives, including,
youth, child rearing and old age.
As we discover processes and solutions to the radically sustainable
city, we see the cooperative as a place where this information can be
shared and disseminated through hosting visitors, workshops, and
producing media.
We understand the core of social change to mean finding solutions not
just to our own problems of poverty, oppression, environmental and
social degradation, but working to change the systems that keep these
injustices and inequalities in place.  We see social change as not
just housing, feeding, entertaining and educating ourselves but
working with our local, national, and international networks and
communities to share resources, skills, and struggles.
We are interested in finding housing solutions that will situate
ourselves in a way that we will be able to actively work with housing
and social change.  Particularly we look towards properties that would
be able to provide housing for a moderately large community that would
include children, families, and individuals.  We are particularly
interested in creating a model that can be easily expanded at the same
time durable enough to take in a range of personalities while
remaining a stable and secure environment.
The cooperative  believes in promoting the politics and practice of
veganism within an environment that is tolerant of individuals
personal decisions.
We have chosen to name ourselves after Rose Howey a Liverpool
suffragette to place ourselves within a framework of struggles that
have been fought, and won that have changed the world. We are also
very committed to Liverpool as people who have been born here, and
those that have chosen to live here. The core members of the
cooperative are members of the Mersey Road Community Allotment.  Some
of the members have been active in local environmental and ecological
campaigns and act as stewards for local orchard projects.   One of the
members is in the process of launching a record label that
specifically looks at neglected local artists, another is a writer and
cultural activist currently performing and doing workshops around


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