Aims and Principles

1. Rose Howey Co-op aims to provide housing and support for those committed to and actively involved in working towards radical social change. We aim to be especially mindful of those engaged in activism within a context of dealing with issues around poverty and parenting.


2. We aim to support radical education and cultural activism. We will provide support and encouragement for each other to develop our full potential as activists and in other roles and capacities.


3. We will create an educational space with the aim of facilitating local home educators , events, and cultural activism.


4. We will work to engage members people in our community in a radical educational process that will combine the framework of home education for children and radical pedagogies.


5. Members will share skills and learn new skills for the good of the Co-op. We will monitor the availability of skills across members to ensure there isn’t an over-reliance on any individual for the provision of work based on their strong demonstration of skills. We will work towards expanding members’ skills to overcome such instances of over-reliance in a way that mutually benefits members and the Co-op.


6. Members will endeavour to show a positive example of alternative living, using the principles of respect, participation, inclusivity and mutual aid as a guide.


7. Rose Howey Co-op recognises and respects a diverse range of tactics and radical ideas in a healthy atmosphere of debate and communication.


8. Members are committed to working within and with the local community to help meet the challenges of climate change, peak oil, and urban sustainability.


9. Rose Howey Co-op will consider its impact on other people, the environment, other animals, and the planet, and will work to reduce negative impacts.




1. Rose Howey Co-op aims to make all buildings and building improvements as low impact as possible.


2. In order to align its ecological values and practices, Rose Howey Co-op will have an *Ecology Group* that will hold regular meetings to monitor all of the issues around energy conservation, provision, and distribution, and also recycling concerns.


3. In-order to minimise our contribution to global warming and to avoid the trap of fuel poverty, the Co-op and its members commit to: monitoring and analyzing energy usage, both individually and collectively to spot ways to reduce consumption; retrofitting our Co-op properties for energy efficiency and conservation; earmarking at least 5% of rent for an energy conservation works fund (separate to general maintenance); being part of a low carbon economy by buying/producing our energy from renewable sources (non-nuclear).


4. Rose Howey Co-op will manage green space by a mini Biological Action Plan to conserve existing species and their habitats and to maximise biodiversity. We will create spaces for humanity and nature while trying to realize the food-growing potential of each space, such as in


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