Radical Routes Gathering at Rose Howey

November 2016 once again saw Rose Howey hosting the Radical Routes Gathering.

At Rose Howey, we do rather pride ourselves on our vegan cooking and we are very lucky to have many talented cooks in the house.  The bar was set rather high, the year before we’d served vegan sushi, vegan sausage plait, we’d made homemade garlic breads, marinated mushrooms, I have a vague recollection we made a roast dinner too.

Chef Sam, as he’s become known, volunteered to do the cooking for this Gathering. Wow, he put on a spread; various delicious soups, pates, pies, enchiladas.  I again made the cakes and cookies;  Chocolate chip cookies, blueberry bars, banana chocolate chip muffins, spiced apple muffins, chocolate fudge cake, marmalade chocolate cake and finally, chilli lime truffles.

While it’s hard work hosting the Gatherings, we do all feel that this is one of the purposes of Rose Howey, we are a large city based co-op and hosting events like this reminds us, when things get tough, what it is we are trying to accomplish living cooperatively.



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