From Strength to Strength.

The natural ebb and flow of members have seen some rather dramatic changes to our membership in the past 6-9 months.  We have made offers of residency to five individuals, and we have a couple of families staying as guests, who may join us as members.  This increases the number of children in Rose Howey from 6 to 13 and includes a lovely mix of home educated and schooled children.  All enjoying the freedom an incredibly large house and garden offers.   The increased numbers of adults are also making for exciting planning and we hope to crack on with renovating the house.

In the fine tradition of Rose Howey,  one of our members rallied friends to come and help with building a summer house we had been gifted.   Afterwards, we had a fire and a delicious cider stew was served and Olaf the Obnoxious was ritually burned – marking the first big fire of the year and the bonding of old and new members.


Rose Howey has always been blessed with creative and talented individuals, and these days members can often be found in the garden whittling and carving or building furniture.  One member has been carving avocado seeds with beautiful and intricate designs.  All this creativity has birthed the idea of an online shop selling the various wares our talented members make.  This exciting idea is in its infancy, the hope is this will allow members involved to earn some money outside of the usual wage slave dynamic and build on the aim of creating an alternative way of living based on cooperation and mutual aid.



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